Do Not Fear

We are presently living in a new world over which we feel we have little control. This world requires that we find ways to reduce stress, give us hope, and avoid joining our children in what is called “silent distress.” As I pondered the fear expressed by my friends and the way I often feel, several things came to mind that I would like to share.

In my recent book, Whispers of Hope, the Story of My Life, I wrote about Goldie Hawn visiting Furr High School and enlightening us about mindfulness. Then I remembered a class I taught at Furr when I worked with a group of girls who suffered from stress. I used Goldie Hawn’s curriculum MindUp. I taught them about the brain and how to practice mindful awareness. We discussed the amygdala which operates the brain’s “fight or flight center.” This knowledge helps increase the amount of control one has between an experience and the way we react to it. Mindfulness teaches us how to live in the world and gives us hope. One strategy to use is a silent walk. Become more aware of the sights and sounds of your world. Another strategy is to spend time with your pet and absorb its unconditional love. Listen to your favorite music. One thing that always relieves my stress is listening to Melissa Manchester’s song, “A Better Rainbow.”

Learn more about mindfulness and practice it. You will learn to maintain a sense of control and reduce stress. Hope will no longer be a whisper but will be broadcast across the land.