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About Whispers of Hope

Whispers of Hope, The Story of My Life is a compelling narrative detailing the life of a young girl born in the deep south during the Jim Crow era. Her tale includes her realization that to make a better life for herself and others, she must run away from the struggles of her young life and go headlong into a world about which she knows nothing. Bertie Simmons eventually finds her way to Houston where she serves successfully in many leadership positions within a large urban school district and witnesses the painfully slow process of integration. The story culminates with her adventures and challenges as the principal in a “throwaway” high school labeled “a pipeline to prison “and a “drop-out factory.” The reader learns of her innovative approach to building a culture of community and student success that results in the school winning a ten million dollar grant to rethink high schools. Bertie Simmons guides us through the painful experience of having her dreams dashed, and yet, she emerges with a strong commitment to spreading hope across the landscape. Bertie Simmons emerges strong and valiant. Whispers of Hope is a hero’s journey.